Using our platform, you can create a fundraising campaign. Your Organization gets paid by selling to your supporters a Virtual Discount Card (a mobile app) that can be used to save on purchases made at participating merchants. To get the discount, at the point of sale the supporter would need to show your Virtual Discount Card to the merchant. The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.
When starting your fundraising with MyFundraiserApp, you create a Virtual Discount Card. The card. with your Organization's name and logo, will appear on your supporter's phone after downloading it from the Apple Store or Google Play and after going through a purchasing process.
First your supporter needs to download our program app available in the Apple Store and Google Play (search name "MyFundraiserApp"). The supporter will then type the name of your organization. The supporter will be asked a method of payment (cash or credit). If the supporter opts to pay cash, he will obtain an Access Code from a member of your Organization (more info on Access Codes in the next FAQ below). Upon entering the Access Code, the Virtual Discount Card will appear on the supporter's phone. If the supporter opts to pay with a credit card, the Virtual Discount Card will appear after completing the cc payment process.
Access Codes are number codes provided to members of your Organization charged with raising funds. Access Codes are sold for an amount that is established by the organization administrator when signing up.
As administrator of the program, you will be uploading all the members of your Organization that will be selling Access Codes to supporters. Your members will receive notification, with login information, on how to retrieve codes.

First, they will need to download our mobile app available in the Apple Store and Google Play (search name "MyFundraiserApp"). A member will then follow the login prompt. Once logged in, he/she will have permission to retrieve/activate Access Codes.

An Access Code should be retrieved ONLY when the supporter has agreed to purchase the Virtual Discount Card for cash. Our $4 per code fee is charged at the time of code retrieval. Therefore, it is important that the code is retrieved only at the time of sale.

Yes. From your Performance Page you will be able to track how many codes were sold by each member of your Organization. This is useful information if, when starting your fundraising campaign, you set a minimum number of codes that each member needs to sell.
Your campaign already has several online merchants built in. For example, we are affiliated with Restaurant.com. Your supporters will be able to purchase $50 vouchers for $11; $25 vouchers for $6; $10 vouchers for $3. Restaurant.com has thousands of restaurants nationwide. Many will also be in your area. In addition we have other merchants offering deep discounts.

Although not necessary, to make your app even more appealing, we recommend that you add a few merchants in your area as well. Chances are your board members or team members know local business owners. Simply ask them to provide a discount or a special offer (eg 10% OFF or buy one get one at half price, etc). You will find that most merchants will be willing to participate in your app. Remember, you bring them business. If you click on the Resources page you will see useful tools to approach local merchants. You will also find a one page Merchant Registration form. Once a merchant joins your app you then need to upload the information online.
What you charge for your Virtual discount Card is entirely up to you. Traditional fundraising cards sell anywhere from $10 to $25 each. A good benchmark is $20 dollars. Your card has great value even if you do not add local merchants. A single certificate purchase from Restaurant.com could save your supporter up to $39.
Our fee is $4 per code sold, regardless of the price that you charge.
Transactions are settled at the beginning of every month. Credit card sales, less our fee and credit card charges, are transferred to your organization account.
At the same time, our fee from your cash sales will be deducted automatically from your organization's account. For illustration, please refer to the Pricing page.
Yes. In you Performage Page you will be able to capture the name, email address and phone number of your supporters. Thanks to this amazing feature, you will be able to create a database of supporters. This is a great resource to have for future initiatives.
Yes. When you register your Organization, you will decide whether you want a code to be for a single subscription download (eg. one phone) or for two subscriptions (eg. two phones). You make that determination. Much depends on the type of your Organization. If you are a sport team, two subscriptions per code may be considered. If you are a sorority/fraternity we recommend a single subscription per code. You do not want to encourage code sharing.
Yes. Cards expire after 12 months, excluding the month of purchase. So if a supporter downloads the card in January, the card will be valid thru January of the following year.