What is My Township Discount App?

Using our platform, you can create an app which you can distribute free to the public. Fill your app with valuable discounts from your local businesses and increase their visibility with the local community. This tool is ideal for Chambers or  local Business Associations.
Other applications. If you are an organization looking to do fundraising, you can sell yearly memberships to your app. Unlock great savings for residents willing to donate to your organization. 

When registering your organization, you create a Virtual Discount Card. The card, with your Organization's name and logo, will appear on your supporter's phone after downloading it from the Apple Store or Google Play. 

The resident needs to download our app available in the Apple Store and Google Play (search name "MyTownshipDiscountApp"). He/She will then type the name of your organization on the main page and go through a registration process (Name, email, phone number). Once this is done, they will have access to your discount card.

As administrator of the program, you will be uploading all the members of your Organization that will be selling Access Codes to supporters. Your members will receive notification, with login information, on how to retrieve codes.

First, they will need to download our mobile app available in the Apple Store and Google Play (search name "MyFundraiserApp"). A member will then follow the login prompt. Once logged in, he/she will have permission to retrieve/activate Access Codes.

An Access Code should be retrieved ONLY when the supporter has agreed to purchase the Virtual Discount Card for cash. Our $4 per code fee is charged at the time of code retrieval. Therefore, it is important that the code is retrieved only at the time of sale.

Yes. From your Performance Page you will have access to the names, email and phone numbers of all the people downloading your app.

As an economic developmet or chamber organization, it is recommended that you upload all of your businesses and their special offers. 
If you are using the app for funraising (eg Sports team; Church etc.), you will be responsible for recruiting and uploading your local merchants.
In both cases we are available by phone or email to answer all of your questions.

What you charge for your Virtual discount Card is entirely up to you. Traditional fundraising cards sell anywhere from $10 to $25 each. A good benchmark is $20 dollars. Make your card valuable by adding discounts at popular eateries and other businesses.

Yes. In you Performage Page you will be able to capture the name, email address and phone number of your supporters. Thanks to this amazing feature, you will be able to create a database of supporters. This is a great resource to have for future initiatives.

If your discount card is provided FREE, the card does not have an expiration date.
If you are using the program as a fundraiser, the virtual card will expire 12 months from the month of registration.